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  • Opening for Freshers in SIEMENS
  • Do you have a Website?
  • 1,500 Free eBooks
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  • Opening for Freshers in SIEMENS

    A great opportunity for Freshers in SIEMENS.

    Even if you are appearing in the Final Semester Exam, you are eligible.

    Click here for Complete Details about the Selection Procedure, Eligibility Critera

    Click here for Siemens Placement Paper.

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    1,500 Free eBooks

    We have compiled a huge collection of eBooks, that you can read online. This is a wonderful resource for all who have a thirst for knowledge.

    Click here to visit 1,500 eBooks.

    Over 20,000 Downloads

    Yes, a Complete site for all your Downloads needs - The Vyom World is Growing!

    The downloads are categorised under the various categories. Click here to view all the categories. Some of the major downloads categories are:

  • Programming Downloads
  • Educational Downloads
  • Internet Downloads
  • Writing Applications Downloads
  • Graphics Downloads
  • Sports Downloads
  • Games Downloads
  • Financial Downloads
  • Business Downloads

  • Hats Off to ...

    Hats Off to the following guys for their Voluntary contribution to Vyom Source Codes Library

  • Ranjeet Singh for Program to Identify Tokens In A Given Line viz. Identifier, Literal, Alphabet, Special Symbol(_,-) etc.
  • Ajay.P.Kelkar for Program for rotating circles using maths.(sin,cos,Phase defference,e.t.c).
  • Sanchit Karve for Solving Quadratic Equations using Factorisation:( Shows SOLUTION ).
  • Adarsh Ramamurthy for Program To Know the Day of Birth from Date of Birth.
  • Sanchit Karve for Accessing Private Data Members in C++. This is a flaw in the language..
  • Sanchit Karve for Queue Data Structure Class Example which uses Polymorphism..
  • Sanchit Karve for A Templated Stack Data Structure Example..
  • Vijoy Joseph for Number Game in C++.
  • Prabhat Ranjan for DX Ball Program in C++.
  • Pradipta Bhattacharjee for Program to write even and odd integers into different files.

    You can also submit your source code to be included in Vyom Source Code directory from here.

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