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  • 1100+ Indian IT Companies List
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  • 1100+ Indian IT Companies List

    I am really excited to tell you that we have uploaded a Complete Directory of 1,100+ Indian IT / Telecom Companies list on our site. Visit it now at:

    You can use this list for:

  • Contacting a Company
  • Learning which Company Specialises in what!
  • Visit the Website of the Company
  • Increase your GK about a Company - Its head etc.

    or any use that you can think of !

  • You can not use this list for Sending your Resume to the Companies. If you want to send resumes, Use our Resume Submitter Facility. We send your resume to all these 1,100 companies as well as 5,000 other companies, amounting to a total of about 6,000 Companies !

    Go to Companies Directory

    1,500 eBooks for you!

    Think it as New Year gift or anything you like !

    We have created a Complete Directory of more than 1,500 FREE eBooks on our site. All these books are free for you to read.

    Just explore the eBooks section at

    I know that some of the links are dead. We are in the process of removing dead links. Pls. bear with us. But still, the resource is enormous and worth Bookmarking !

    Go to eBooks Directory

    Special Note

    Hi !

    This is Amit here. This was a preety small edition and prepared in a Hurry. Actually we had been adding the resources to our site throughout the day and at EOD, very little time was left to prepare this edition.

    We have noticed that some Email sites, specially Yahoo! had sent our last edition in Bulk Folder.

    If you are a Yahoo User, please click on Not Spam button on the top of the Yahoo Mail Interface so that you receive this Magazine normally, in your Inbox.

    And finally, please take advantage of all the resources that we are adding to our site. If they prove to be even a little useful for you, we will consider our mission (Let's Touch The Sky Together!) partially achieved.

    With Best Wishes,
    Amit Matur

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