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  • Openings for Freshers

    Openings for Freshers Only:

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    Over 20,000 Downloads

    Yes, a Complete site for all your Downloads needs - The Vyom World is Growing!

    The downloads are categorised under the various categories. Click here to view all the categories. Some of the major downloads categories are:

  • Programming Downloads
  • Educational Downloads
  • Internet Downloads
  • Writing Applications Downloads
  • Graphics Downloads
  • Sports Downloads
  • Games Downloads
  • Financial Downloads
  • Business Downloads

  • New Projects and Source Codes

    The following projects and programs are submitted to Vyom Source Codes Library by the respective authors. Lots of thanks to these authors for being Generous enough to share their excellent codes with all of us!

  • Snake Game in C by Fawad bin Emad.
  • Tetris Game in C by Fawad bin Emad.
  • Project - Human Resource Management System by Rajarathnam. l.
  • Message Boxes in DOS by Faseeh.
  • Introduction to COBOL by B.S. Prakash.
  • Program which calculates until the 23601th Fibonacci Number accurately by Siva PanduRanga Rao Sadhu.
  • TSR Program in C - Can you delete me!!! You can't!!! by Sumit Kumar.
  • Bricks game in C by Prabhat.
  • Numerology Program - This is the program that tells you the lucky number of your name by R. Velmurugan.
  • Sequential Display of Lights by Amit Kaushik.
  • To Reverse a number by recursion by Avik Dasgupta.
  • Converting Roman letter to number by Divakaran Dhanasekaran.
  • Basic Calculator using HTML & Javascript by Patrick M. D'Souza.
  • Project - Employees Management System by Sahil Seth.
  • Use of Runtime Class by Ashish Barve.
  • Cobol sequential file program by b.s.prakash.
  • Mine Sweeper Game by Rajiv Krishan.
  • EasyASP Template Engine by TjoekBezoer.

    You can also submit your source code to be included in Vyom Source Code directory from here.

  • Links to Previous Issues

    If you missed the previous issues of Vyom Career Magazine, you can view them from the following links:

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