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  • Opening for Freshers in Polaris
  • Largest IT Companies Directory
  • Online Exams Site Relaunch!
  • Over 20,000 Downloads
  • Hats Off to ...
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  • Opening for Freshers in Polaris

    A great opportunity for year 2003 and 2004 Freshers in Polaris.

    Even if you are appearing in the Final Semester Exam, you are eligible.

    Click here for Complete Details about the Selection Procedure, Eligibility Critera

    Largest IT Companies Directory

    We have extended our list of IT Companies from 1000 IT Companies to 5000 IT Companies!.

    The list now contains even more details. It also has a mail to Company feature.

    Visit the world's Largest IT Companies Directory!.

    Online Exams Site Relaunch!

    In an attempt to improve your Online Experience even further, we have relaunched our Online Exams site.

    We have also modified the registration process. It is now hardly 30 Second Free Signup!.

    Earlier this site was under the name - Now we have moved it under the umbrella of and we have renamed it as

    Click here to visit Online Exams Site.

    Over 20,000 Downloads

    Yes, a Complete site for all your Downloads needs - The Vyom World is Growing!

    The downloads are categorised under the various categories. Click here to view all the categories. Some of the major downloads categories are:

  • Programming Downloads
  • Educational Downloads
  • Internet Downloads
  • Writing Applications Downloads
  • Graphics Downloads
  • Sports Downloads
  • Games Downloads
  • Financial Downloads
  • Business Downloads

  • Hats Off to ...

    Hats Off to the following guys for their Voluntary contribution to Vyom Source Codes Library

  • Adarsh Ramamurthy for Progam that gives all details of a Triangle given the lengths of its sides.
  • Tushar Goswami for Snake Game Source Code in C.
  • Amit Kaushik for Applicance Control - Complete Project.
  • Nandan Jain for Program to remove multiple spaces from a string.
  • Charuk Mahajan for Program for Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal Conversions.
  • Charuk Mahajan for Program of Falling Characters.
  • Charuk Mahajan for Program for Drop Down in C.
  • Charuk Mahajan for Program to Delete Duplicates in Array.
  • Ashish Korde for Buttons - Try to catch the button !
  • L.Balachrandan for Analog Clock Program..
  • L. Balachandran for Micky Mouse Program.
  • Boopathi for CPU Scheduling algorithm implementation.
  • Orville Zaragoza for Program for Decimal to Roman Number conversion.
  • Orville Zaragoza for Program for computing Area, Volume and Perimeter of Rrectangle using function with looping.
  • karandeep for Game of Bollywood !

    You can also submit your source code to be included in Vyom Source Code directory from here.

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