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  • Brand New Source Codes Section
  • Year 2003 Placement Papers
  • Special Article: Let the Recruiters Recruit You
  • Fresh Jobs For Freshers New!
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  • Brand New Source Codes Section

    We have uploaded a Brand New Source Codes section, which contains categorised source codes in different languages including:
  • C Source Codes
  • C++ Source Codes
  • COBOL Source Codes
  • Java Source Codes
  • ASP Source Codes
  • And what more..! Now you can submit your own Source Codes also! Your name and email address will be displayed with all the source codes submitted by you. Click here to Submit Your Source Codes and see them uploaded within 18 hrs!

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    Year 2003 Placement Papers

    This week, we have added the following new Placement Papers to our Huge Database.
  • Alayance Placement Paper
  • ANZ Placement Paper
  • Blue Star Infotech Placement Paper
  • ThinkSoft Placement Paper

    More placement papers coming soon. Latest Placement Papers will be available to Subscribers Only.

  • Go to Placement Papers Directory

    Special Article: Let the Recruiters Recruit You!

    Recruiters generally make their living from a commission or retainer fee paid by hiring companies. The hiring company is their top priority. At the same time, they need qualified candidates. The trick is for your résumé to be at the right place at the right time.

    Recruiters are extremely fast paced, busy people. The faster they fill a position for their client, the faster they get paid, and the happier their client will be. So, you don't want to waste their time. Here are a few more tips to make the recruiter more inclined to recruit you:

    1. Select recruiters who work in your target industry, job level and geographic location.
    2. Send your résumé along with a cover letter to your target recruiters. Clearly define your career goal. Use the same professional style and tone that you would use when addressing a prospective employer.
    3. Don't expect a recruiter to help you edit your résumé or provide career training. You should have everything lined up before you present yourself to them.
    4. If you do not hear back from a recruiter it simply means that at this time they do not have a position for which you are suited. Please don't pester them asking why they have not called, or when they will send you out on an interview. This could be a real turn-off for a busy recruiter.
    5. If you don't hear from a recruiter, send a follow up letter and current résumé in 3-4 months. You can state in your letter, "Attached is an updated version of my résumé for your file."
    6. If the recruiter's office requests additional information, respond quickly. It is not unusual for a recruiter to follow up with a request for salary history. In our next edition, we will send you a Detailed Article about 48 Hr. Rule of getting a Job.
    7. At all times demonstrate professionalism, good temperament, and flexibility. Recruiters want to be proud of the candidates they send for interviews.

    We hope you follow these hints. No more chasing down recruiters asking for a shot at an interview. Instead, the right recruiter will be recruiting you for the right job at the right time.

    Fresh Jobs For Freshers!

    Watch out our Latest section, Jobs, exclusively for Freshers!. Just explore it now! If you want a Damn good response from recruiters within a week, we strongly recommed you to Join Vyom Resume Submitter. Click here to learn more!
  • Open Jobs for Freshers!

    Many more Latest Jobs Coming Soon!

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